9 Speedy Skip Hire Steps to Achieve Effective Waste Management!

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A good skip hire company prides itself in a quick and efficient method to giving you an effective waste management system. These skip hire steps are designed to give you a complete waste management system, ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to waste disposal issues.

Skip Hire Steps to Follow

The following steps guide you through everything you need to follow regarding skip hire – from choosing your skips, to the collection of it.

1. View Full Ranges

Browse through size guides to look at skips suitable for your type and volume of waste. There is an extensive range to suit domestic, commercial and construction requirements. Make sure you read up on each of the skips to ensure it will work for you.

2. Check Prices

Before you request a quote, read through the price guide to get an understanding of all the costs involved. There may be additional fees for permits or materials you cannot put into skips.

3. Request a Free Quote

Usually, businesses offer free quotes!

What They’ll Need to Know

  • The size of skip you require: mini, small, 6-yard, large or maxi.
  • The city and suburb you live in: to calculate the distance to the closest landfill.
  • The duration of hire: decide on the time limit for your entire project. They can even deliver, load and leave if you don’t want the container at your premises for a lengthy time.
  • The contents: Understand which materials are allowed in skips. If you are using skips for soil or concrete, it’s best to tell the company in advance. They can usually also collect specific hazardous materials at a separate cost.
  • Dates and times: for delivery and collection.
  • If you need a site assessment: some companies can inspect sites to advise you on the size of container you need for your waste or to put together a proper waste management plan for you.

4. Read Through Safety Guidelines

Before you fully commit to hiring skips, read through the safety rules and tips. Understand how they work and the precautions you need to take.

5. Place Your Order!

Once you are happy with the quotation, order your skip.

6. Make Payment

Make the payment for your skips. Full details for payment options are usually available once you have ordered. Companies that allow online payments are easiest to hire!

7. Await Delivery

Once you have paid, wait for your container delivery! Expert drivers should also place it in the ideal location to ensure safety.

8. Fill It Up!

Fill your container up with your unwanted waste. Ensure that you follow the content guidelines to avoid fines!

9. They Collect!

If the skip is full or you have finished clearing your waste, it’s then collected! No more mess! Quality businesses pride themselves in a ‘green’ system that recycles the majority of the waste collected from you.

Now that you have viewed skip hire steps to follow browse through ranges now!

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