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Don´T Be The Guy That Pays More Than His Neighbour!


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Imagine that you are at a BBQ with some friends. The guys are all together having a beer talking about guy´s stuff like how you just ripped out the kitchen. You are proud to have got the project done on your own and you want to brag about it.

Also make sure you check our infographic on how to choose the correct Skip Size!

Cheap Skip Hire Article

So, one of the other guys who does not want to be outdone starts to talk about the garden clearance he just did and so he wants to know how you got rid of your rubbish. You explain proudly that you ordered a skip.

“How much did you pay?” is the casual enquiry.

You tell him, he smirks and tells you what he paid for his. It is a lot less than you did. How does that make you feel?

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You don´t want to be the guy that is forced to admit to your neighbour that you paid more for your skip than he did!

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If you are embarking on a DIY project, chances are that your wallet is going to be feeling the pinch so if you read this article you will learn how to ensure you get cheap skip hire, be sure to save yourself the embarrassment of paying more than the guy next door.

Keep These Important Points in Mind

  • Choose the right size skip: Read our Buying Guide on Skip sizes. If you have a limited amount of refuse there is no point in spending good money on a large skip you don´t fill, you might as well be spending money on air! On the other hand, don´t get a skip that is too small. You will then need to get a second skip and that will work out costlier than ordering a larger one in the first place.
  • Does it need to go in a skip? The costliest option is to go for the smallest skip so think about whether you can find an alternative solution for the item you are thinking of putting in the skip. Could it go to charity? Would it sell on eBay? There are many people now scouring skips to turn people´s unwanted items into artwork which they sell on. Remember one man´s rubbish is another´s treasure! Most usable items can be donated or sold using services such as Gumtree or Freecycle.

Cheap Skip Hire

  • Do you need to pay for a license? If you can locate the skip on your own land you will avoid the cost to the council of placing it in a public space like a road. So, consider going for a smaller skip that will fit on your drive or in your garden. The cost of a license vary per area in the UK from £15 up to £65.
  • As us to source you 3 quotes: We will source you 3 different quotes from reputable skip hire companies. By receiving 3 quotes with no effort to yourself you can guarantee you are getting the best price.

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One word of warning before I go, if you order a skip make sure you can pay for it, otherwise you might get a nasty surprise like this skip hire customer did in this video link.

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Get Cheap Skip Hire Here.

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