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You Need to Know How to Hire Skips in Luton Reliably and Cheaply!

Imagine this: An Affordable and Professional Service to Skip Hire in Luton!

Need skip hire in Luton? Skip And Bin Hire UK are experts at getting rid of waste and rubbish effortlessly and efficiently. Our professional team will not only beat any quote you have but also advise you through the whole process. Let us handle your waste management difficulties. Hire skips in Luton with us today!

Unsure if You Need a Skip Service?

The fast-paced Luton lifestyle could mean that waste management is just not one of your priorities! It may seem daunting and complicated, but we take care of the entire process for you. You would probably prefer to relax over the weekend and not worry about emptying dumpsters!

You may have concerns such as the size, where to place it or if it’s suited to your budget. We have a range of services that cover all your unique needs as well as various options to fit well within your price range.

For The Cheapest Skip Hire in Luton. Contact Us For A Quote Now.

We cover the following Luton suburbs:

  • Wheathampstead
  • Eaton Bray
  • Hitchin
  • Westoning
  • Welwyn-Codicote

  • Silsoe
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Ivinghoe-Pitstone
  • Flitwick
  • Stevenage

Luton is famous for its landmarks

We are no strangers to the following surrounding areas: Stockwood Discovery Centre, Wardown Park, Stockwood Park, Wardown Park Museum, Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park.

No matter how congested the street, you will be sure to find us operating on these: Cutenhoe Rd, New Bedford Rd, New Airport Way, Old Bedford Rd, Markyate Rd.

Skip Hire Luton Prices

Luton Skip Hire

View Luton Skip Hire On The Map

View Luton Skip Hire On The Map

Address: 2 Melson St, Luton, LU1 2JX, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 158 244 7433

Skip Hire In Luton

When you're ready to order, make sure you are aware of what is considered hazardous waste and cannot be put in a skip.

Fridges, Plaster, Cell Phones, Asbestos & Paint Tins

TVs/Monitors, Electrical Goods & Florescent Tubes

Solvents, Pesticides, Fuels & Gas Bottles

Medical Waste, Tyres, Motor Oil & Batteries

Cheap Skip Hire Luton

So, if you are not a builder you will soon sound like you are one if you read our steps to help you choose the correct type from the variety of skip sizes.

Our useful buying guide will tell any novice exactly what they need to know.
Skip & Bin Hire Guide

Types of Services

We provide commercial, household and industrial waste management hire services. In a bustling city like Luton, it’s not surprising just how much rubbish gets built up over a short period! We don’t just provide the skip – we’re there throughout the whole process: from advising you on the type and size best suited to you to collecting the skip from you.

Yes, We Recycle!

We know that with your hectic Luton lifestyle, it may not be easy to stop and think about how to reduce waste successfully – you probably just want to get rid of all that rubbish. We take pride in keeping the city clean, as well as reducing the waste in landfills across Luton. When you hire skips in Luton from us, you can trust that our ‘green’ methods mean that a significant portion of what we collect gets recycled!

General Waste Management

We recycle: glass, scrap metal, green waste (including oil), wood, plastics, paper, electrical waste & organic waste (including food items)

We are dedicated to being ‘green’ and want to give you the chance to feel the same satisfaction we do from helping to save the environment!

Expert Drivers to Navigate Luton Streets

Driving and parking in Luton can be a nightmare. Our expert lorry drivers will take on this task for you, as well as ensure that skips and bins are delivered and collected punctually. They are also trained in safety and will ensure that the skip is placed correctly and fitted with a lamp for night visibility. We aim to give you peace of mind when you hire from us!


Site Inspection Officers to Advise You

If renting skips is a new concept to you, you may want to consider a visit from our site inspection officers. Their primary goal is to find the most beneficial solution to your unique waste management requirements. They are skilled in recommending the precise type of skip for the contents of your waste, the correct size you need and the ideal place to store it. Site inspection officers will also give you a full breakdown of how to maintain your skips and bins safely. This short visit could save you a significant amount of money and mean a much more efficient waste management system.

Why Hire Skips in Luton?


Building material such as soil, rubble and dirt can be an eyesore and cause unnecessary clutter around building sites. Even though construction is a messy job, building plots don’t have to be! Our construction skips provide an easy way to organise and separate construction materials and waste disposal.

You don’t need to sort your recycling – we’ll do this for you! All you need to do is make sure all your recyclable goods are put into the skip and rest assured that we’ll take care of the rest. We have a proudly ‘green’ system that makes certain to maximise the amount of waste we recycle.

Instead of having unsightly rubbish bins scattered around your property, waiting for a dumpster truck – have one main skip to store your trash in at all times. Your property, household or commercial, keeps its aesthetic yet sanitary nature. As soon as we collect one full skip, we replace it with a clean one!

You don’t need to have a skip at your premises constantly. If you’re busy with renovations, moving house or DIY, our drivers can deliver the skip; collect your unwanted waste and leave. There’s no need for your property to look like a mess!

We’ve Made Luton Skip Hire Simple.

Find the Best and Cheapest Skip Hire in Luton Now


Simply consult this checklist and order without delay.


The skip size you choose will depend on the size of your project and also the space you have available to locate your skip, so consult a size guide before ordering.


Make sure you are familiar with what is considered hazardous waste and can´t be put in a skip.


If you are wanting to place your skip on a street talk to us about obtaining a licence from your local council.

Do you have a small or large amount of rubbish?

Save money when you choose the right skip size!

As experts in Luton, our services have been optimised to save you money and give you the most out of your waste management budget. We will outdo any quote you already have, as well as give you a free quote of our own! We handle the entire process from quoting to the collection of the skips and bins. Leave it all to us! More information is available on our skip hire services, categories, sizes and prices.

Know What You’re Hiring

Far too often, people don’t realise what they’re buying. Make the most out of your hiring experience by following specific guidelines and rules.

In a busy city like Luton, housing and commercial properties can become congested, and space is seldom available. If you need to hire skips in Luton, you are required to place it in the right area.

  • Your skip needs to be placed on a flat, solid surface with no obstructions near it such as tree branches or parked vehicles.
  • If you don’t have enough space, your skip might need to be parked on the street, in which case you will require a permit. Our team will help you apply for this (usually given within a few days) – make sure to work this into your planning.
  • There also needs to be enough space around the skip for our lorry to drive in and collect it.
  • It is vital that your skip is visible, especially at night to drivers. Our skips are fitted with lamps to ensure that there are no accidents!

We are happy to sort through your recyclable waste for you! However, you are not allowed to put certain items into general skips for safety reasons.

  • Hazardous materials such as electronics, medical waste, chemicals, batteries and oils will need appropriate bins. If you are a business that produces or handles hazardous materials, this guide will help you define your hazardous waste and also figure out whether it is recyclable.
  • It is important not to overfill your skips as they may not be able to be loaded onto our lorries. It is also a safety risk for objects that may fall out of the skip and injure you or others. Rather have your skip collected as soon as it’s full and replaced with a clean, empty one if you require it!

Skips are not light or as easily moveable as a bin.

  • Make sure that when loading your skip, you place heavy items at the – get help if you need to!
  • If you are unhappy with the placement of the skip, we will gladly move it for you – don’t attempt to do this yourself. Let our professionals take care of it for you!


Our skips will cater to your needs. We will provide skips and bins according to the type of waste you are discarding. It is important to know you cannot mix certain types of waste – you will need separate skips for certain items. General waste such as wood, plastic, metal, papers and glass are all allowed in one general skip. If you require bins for organics, electronics, construction, oils or medical waste, you will need separate containers for each of these. The easiest way is for our site inspection officers to advise you!


Our variety of mini, small, 6-yard, large and maxi skips, mean that whatever your property size, you can find a skip that is suited to you. Our variety of skip sizes is essential in allowing for your varied needs – whether it be household and garden waste, construction or commercial waste. You are guaranteed to find the ideal match between skip size and category. Compare our 6-yard skip hire and our maxi skip hire.


Prices to hire skips can range from £60 to £170. We charge our additional services such as site inspections at an additional cost. Primarily, we want to save you money and beat any quote you have! There are also permits you may require if you need to park your skip on the street. We will help you apply for it! Read more about our skip hire services to find detailed information on categories of skips and bins, sizes and prices.

Our Clients


My husband and I decided to try and save money replacing our kitchen by taking out the old one ourselves. At first, I thought we would take the rubbish away in our car but then a friend told me about this website. I discovered that skips are not as expensive as I thought and we opted for a 4-yard skip which fit on our driveway.
I would recommend getting a quote from this website as it was definitely cheaper than I thought.
- Mary Crabtree, Liverpool

I was recommended this website by someone else in the business as I am always on site and too busy to take calls from different contractors with quotes. It took me 5 minutes to fill out a contact form and then I received 3 quotes the next day from different skip hire firms.
- John Fox, Hadley’s Construction, Middlesex

We were having some land cleared to create a new playground at our school and while searching the internet I found this site. I did not have a clue about skip hire but I found everything I needed to know on this website.
I received a prompt and efficient service from the customer services team and I had no complaints with the service I received from the skip hire company.
- Ruth Beven, St Anne’s School, Birmingham

I approached skip hire because my building company was carrying out some renovation work. I had used the same skip hire company for years and I wanted to see if I could cut the cost.I received 3 different quotes within 24 hours and I did make a saving on what I would normally have paid.
The website was easy to use and the whole experience was very smooth. I would recommend the site to any builder who wanted to see if they could get a more competitive price than their normal supplier.
- Ross Wilmer, Wilmer and Scarth Ltd

Dear Sir/Madam I recently contacted you to help me order a skip to a rental property I am renovating in London. Being in Somerset at the time I thought it would be a real headache; however, you found me three quotes from different companies.
I found the company I chose to be very professional and they even organised a license for me to be able to put the skip on the road. I would highly recommend your services to others in a similar position.
- Thanks again, Des

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