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Easily Compare Skip Hire Prices Saving Your Time and Money.


Compare Skip Hire Prices. You are embarking on a DIY project. There is so much to think about, you need to ensure you have the right tools. Then there´s the trip to go to your local DIY superstore to buy your materials. Not to mention all the hours the job is going to take.

The suddenly you think about what are you going to do with all the rubbish. Will you try to ram it into the back of your car and take a few trips to the dump? No, that will take too much time.

Skip Hire Prices Table Of Contents

What about a skip? Yes that seems like a good solution. But what is the cost of skip hire? You have no clue!

Skip Hire Prices Pro Tip

What will you do? Go to and get some numbers. Call around for some quotes. Not get a response. Will you search the internet and try a few different companies? Whatever you do it´s going to take some time and time is one thing you don´t have now as you have a massive project on your hands.

Well, fear not, now you can simply use our website to compare skip hire prices. We will source three quotes which will mean you will get an average of skip hire prices in your area, so you know you are not paying too much.

If you are involved in a DIY project, chances are that your wallet is going to be feeling the pinch so if you read this article you will discover everything you need to know about skip hire cost, to be sure you are not paying too much.

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So How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Skip?

Skips are one of the most cost-effective methods of removing waste.

The biggest factor in determining the cost is the size of the skip. The following is a guide to the prices in hiring a skip but are intended only as a guide please contact us for an accurate post.

Mini Skip Prices:

These skips have a capacity of 2 or 3 cubic yards and are excellent for the disposal of small amounts of domestic waste or can be used as a secondary skip for an item that needs to be disposed of separately such as plaster board.

Skip Hire Prices Mini Skip

If you want to visualise how large a mini skip is, then view this link, showing one being delivered:

Prices from £60

Skip Hire Prices Midi Skip

Midi Skip Prices:

With a capacity of 4 or 5 yards, these skips are ideal for small jobs including garden or house clearances. They are a cost-effective way of disposing of your domestic rubbish.

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6-yard Skip Prices:

These are one of the most popular skip sizes hired, they are a good choice for large garden clearances of for bathroom and kitchen refits.

Prices From: £110.

Skip Hire Prices 6 Yrd

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8-Yard Skip Prices:

A versatile skip size which can be used for a number of projects, including commercial projects or large house clearances.

Skip Hire Prices 8 Yrd

Prices From £130

Large 10-yard Skip Prices:

Mostly used for commercial projects which generate a large amount of waste. Can also be used for rubble or building rubbish.

Prices From £170.

Local Skip Prices:

Just to confuse everyone there are quite large regional variations in prices. One reason for this is the supply-demand balance, so in areas with more companies the prices are lower as competition is higher. Exeter, for example, seems to have comparably few local operators and so has some of the highest prices.

Not unexpectedly London has the highest prices which could be because of high traffic congestion meaning that it is harder or more expensive for companies to access the nearest waste processing facilities which would be located outside the city.

The strength of the local economy and therefore the amount of waste being produced can also be a factor in average costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Skip in Different Areas of the UK?

We take a snapshot of some areas in the UK:


  • Leicester Prices: 6-yard: £179 / 8-yard: £189
  • London Prices: 6-yard: £239 / 8-yard: £268
  • Manchester Prices: 6-yard: £150 8-yard: £180
  • Exeter Prices: 6-yard £226: / 8-yard: £288
  • Sheffield Prices: 6-yard: £154 / 8-yard: £180
  • Birmingham Prices: 6-yard: £168 / 8-yard: £180
  • Cardiff Prices: 6-yard: £191 / 8-yard: £221
  • Average Skip Hire Prices: 6-yard: £187 / 8-yard: £221

If you were wondering how much it costs to hire a skip you should now no longer be in the dark. It just depends on the area that you are looking at, and depending on the area (have a look at the Property Division), you should quickly be able to get an estimate. 

You should also be aware of other costs that you could incur from hiring a skip:

Extra Costs:

  • Skip permits:

The cost of these varies regionally. Here are some examples:

Camberley, Surrey £70

Eccles, Manchester £15

Glasgow £51

Skip Hire Prices Permit

  • Excess Charges: Be sure not to incur excess charges by mixing acceptable waste with hazardous waste. If you do you will be charged extra to dispose of it in the correct manner.
  • Time restrictions: Be aware of the time limitation for the quote you have been given. Most skip hire companies will give you a cost for a 2-week period and will then charge more for each additional day you need the skip. So, you might want to set yourself a deadline to clear your waste.
  • Alternative waste clearance options: You could save money by not just chucking everything into the skip. Try off-loading any unwanted items to charity shops. There are also firms that will clear items free of charge if they think they can sell them on, so review these options.
  • Check if VAT is included: Most skip hire companies will give you a quote excluding VAT so make sure you cost it in when planning your finances.

Finding a good price should no longer be a matter of luck with our innovative website which sources 3 quotes for you meaning that you will get the best skip hire prices in your local area.

Don´t waste your valuable time shopping around, simply contact us and we will do that job for you so you can get on with your project.

If You Don´t Want To Pay More, Than You Must Contact Us!

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Easily Compare Skip Hire Prices Saving Your Time and Money.

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