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Read Our Skip Hire Safety Article Before Ordering Your Skip.


Imagine that you are embarking on your first DIY project. You may be clearing out a loft space to convert it into a spare bedroom. You are feeling quite proud of yourself, getting a lot of satisfaction from doing the job done well. Of course you have not had time to read up on skip hire safety, have you?

Then you suddenly start to think you are invincible and instead of being able to show your friends and family your finished project you end up in the hospital with a serious injury.

It’s important to know the correct Skip Size that you need. Make sure you check our infographic to be prepared!

If you are working for a construction company, you are sure to be clued up on the health and safety implications of hiring a skip. If you are a domestic customer make sure your skip hire doesn´t turn into a disaster by reading this article with our skip hire safety tips.

Skip Hire Safety

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Our Top Safety Tips

#01. Choose the right location for your skip: Read our website information about skip sizes and decide where you are going to locate your skip. They are heavy and require flat, stable ground. The area needs to be accessible for a lorry. If you are worried about damage to your property from a skip, ask your skip hire company for batons which can be placed under to prevent tiles or driveways being cracked or a lawn being ruined.

Clear your chosen area of any obstacles such as rocks or overhanging branches.

Consider if you need a drop down skip if you are filling it with heavy waste such as soil, as lifting it over the edge of the skip could damage your back or cause strain injuries.

#02. Skip Delivery: Ensure the area is cleared before skip delivery. Lock your pets in the house and ensure children do not get in the way so that your skip can be delivered safely.

Do not try to move your skip? If you are unhappy with the location of the skip once it has been delivered do not try to move it yourself. Contact the company and ask them to move it for you. Moving such a heavy piece of equipment could cause serious injury.

#03. Loading: When you are involved in a DIY project don´t suddenly think you are superman. If you are no used to lifting heavy lo9ads be aware of your body´s limitations. When lifting heavy items into the skip bend your knees and keep your back straight to avoid injury. Always ask for help if you need it. Try to place heavier items at the bottom of the skip and lighter items on top to keep the skip balanced.

Skip Hire Safety Fire

#5. Contents of the Skip: Wear gloves when loading sharp, heavy or broken items into the skip. Always read the list of hazardous items which cannot be put in a skip, to be found on our website. Avoid putting any banned items in your skip which can be a public health risk such as asbestos, batteries and fuels.

Be conscious of any fire risk within your skip, it contains flammable items do not let a naked flame near the skip or throw a cigarette butt in the skip.

Be conscious that it is possible that members of the public might try to deposit their waste into your skip, so be aware that no one has thrown any hazardous items into the skip without your knowledge.

#6. Do Not Overfill: You are not allowed to fill your skip over the level of the sides for the good reason that is a safety hazard to you and the company collecting it. Always get the skip collected as soon as it is full. An early collection will also reduce the temptation of others to put their junk items in it and will reduce the risk of fire.

#7. Skip hire safety lamp: If your skip is going to be located on a road or pavement ensure that it has a safety lamp fitted to it, otherwise either yourself or a neighbour could be facing damage to their car or themselves if it is not visible at night.

Skip Hire Safety Table Of Contents

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If You Want To Know What is Considered Hazardous Waste, Look at The List Below

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals, eg brake fluid or print toner
  • Batteries
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Oils (except edible ones), eg car oil
  • Equipment containing ozone depleting substances, eg fridges
  • Hazardous waste containers

Skip Hire Safety Batteries

Further information on hazardous waste can be found on the Gov.UK Website

If you would like to see a video of a standard skip being collected, so you can understand what is involved and how you can best prepare, then watch this link

Accidents in the UK from skips are very low so let´s keep it that way. By following our skip hire safety tips you can be assured that you know everything you need to know on skip hire Health and Safety.

Always hire a skip from a reputable company to ensure you and your family are safe.

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Thanks for Reading Our Skip Hire Safety Article.

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